Puerto del Rosario/ Fuerteventura

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C/Isla de la Graciosa
35600 Puerto del Rosario

Managing director
Maria Fernanda Arteaga Zambrano

Phone: +34 928 532450
Mobile: +34 617 235 694


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COMICASA in Fuerteventura, Tapas and typical Spanish food to takeaway!

Comicasa offers a wide assortment of homemade dishes created with the best ingredients, from small portions for your lunch, up to a full menu for parties, weddings, birthdays and other festivities. Since 2012 you can also enjoy the traditional tapas in the new Tapa Bar "A donde vamos" in Puerto del Rosario.

There is a display of salads, potatoe croquette rolls, fried chicken, papas arrugadas, Paella, rice dishes, Russian salad, stew and Ropa Vieja, pastry, different meats in sauces, breaded chicken fillets, various pastas like Spaghetti Bolonese, French Fries, simply everything delicious that is typically Canarian. All the ingredients used are of high quality, e.g. the oil used for cooking is always poly unsaturated. The food is prepared daily during the morning, and the delivery service in Puerto del Rosario is offered from 12:00 - 16:00 and 19:00 - 23:30. We also offer Breakfast! Take a look at our menus in PDF-Format and some of our specialties.

The Tapa Bar opens every day from 8:00 till 23:30


Typical dishes from Fuerteventura and from the Canary Islands

Comicasa was founded in March 2006, with the idea of meeting the big demand for takeaway food in Fuerteventura. The big challenge for Comicasa was to prepare the delicous traditional dishes, we all love so much, as a healthy meal. The results are meals for every day, prepared with love and the best fresh ingredients. Four staff cook the meals each morning and they try to meet the expectations of their customers.

Comicasa was one of the first companies in Fuerteventura, that only offered takeaway food. The consistent high quality of the food has made Comicasa the most popular company for takeaway food in Fuerteventura, especially in Puerto del Rosario.

Comicasa staff are multilingual in English, German and Italian.

Visit Comicasa and enjoy the homemade food, but without having to cook, with the advantage, that all dishes are packed hermetically so you can transport them easily. A true pleasure!

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Canary style food to take away
Canary style food to take away
Tapa Bar
The wide range of delicious meals will surprise you
Grilled chicken
Canary style food to take away
Pulpo a la vinegreta
In this modern kitchen, the canarian food is prepared every day.
The food is made on a daily basis
Over 100 different meals
Delivery service

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